Tuesday, 07/04/2023

Application of iNERGY AMS20 software in energy management


Within the framework of activities of the Hanoi International Exhibition of Energy - Environment Technology in 2022, many technological solutions have been introduced to businesses, including solutions for energy management software systems. iNERGY AMS20 of AMI Vietnam Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company.

Energy plays an important role in life, energy management will bring many benefits to users as well as businesses. Energy management is essential, helping to proactively monitor and control energy in an organized and systematic manner, ensuring economic and environmental requirements.

Currently, many companies across the industry have been applying energy management to cut operating costs. Specific requirements and practices vary by sector, but the core principles remain the same including four steps: collect – analyze – optimize – monitor. In particular, the energy management software system iNERGY AMS20 also operates according to this principle.

Specifically, iNERGY AMS20 is a software that aims to save energy, reduce emissions as well as protect the environment, towards green production. The benefits that this management software brings include: calculating potential energy savings; automatic analysis and reporting; saving energy costs; compliant with ISO 50001 standard; data security; Cross-platform integration… In terms of features, iNergy AMS20 has the ability to connect to many different data platforms including iNERGY Monitor, SCADA systems, BMS or different Databases in the organization. In addition, users can enter energy data manually or import excel files. No need for additional tools, additional software to install on user devices (phones, computers, laptops, tablets, ..) can be easily accessed and monitored anytime, anywhere.

From the collected data, iNERGY AMS20 automatically performs energy review analyzes according to ISO 50001 standard including:

  • Critical energy consumption analysis
  • Critical energy use area analysis
  • Calculation of potential, energy saving solutions
  • Planning to implement energy saving solutions - etc.

The advantage of iNERGY AMS20 is that it automatically calculates the energy saving potential, thereby setting goals and targets. Automatically searches for energy savings measures and improvement opportunities that best suit the organization, from suggestions during the energy review, thus forming improvement goals.

In addition, set up and automate the monitoring of energy efficiency indicators. Automatic alerts of any deviations or nonconformities help the entity to take corrective and preventive actions. Based on energy data and impact variables iNERGY AMS20 automatically analyzes calculates energy baseline accurately…

In addition, the system also has features to query and extract reports anytime, anywhere and forecast future energy consumption; provide data and reports on energy consumption; Calculating and analyzing the efficiency of investment in energy-saving solutions, helping the management unit create a record of implementing energy-saving technical solutions...

The application of energy management systems in particular and advanced technology solutions in the energy industry in general will contribute to improving quality as well as helping to save a part of energy, in line with the target. sustainable development of the world.

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