Tuesday, 07/04/2023

iNERGY Energy Management


iNERGY Energy Management software allows managers to monitor energy consumption anywhere on any device with an internet connection

iNERGY AMS 20 is energy management software developed by AMITECH. It allows the manager to monitor the energy consumed under the charts. iNERGY Energy Management also provides tracking, sending alerts about abnormal events or incidents to your phone or email.


iNERGY AMS 20 helps enterprises use energy efficiency and conservation, find energy-saving opportunities to achieve emission reduction targets, ensure safety, stability, and avoid damage caused by incidents.

1. Calculation of energy-saving potential

To calculate the potential of energy-saving, the energy department at the enterprise must make statistics on the watch from time to time. However, this method has many limitations and shortcomings: no high accuracy, slow progress, and not sticking to real-time frames…

iNERGY Energy management software works according to the data collection mechanism automatically. The figures are measured in real-time, regular time frames to calculate the Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI). When detecting energy-wasted areas, the software sends an instant alert.

2. Automatic analysis and reporting

When looking at the report from our software, enterprises can find waste intervals, potential energy-saving opportunities.

3. Save energy costs The multi-variable revoicing algorithm of up to 10 impact variables allows the system to identify energy efficiency targets and forecast future energy consumption.

4. Con conformity with ISO 50001

  • NL Review
  • EnB
  • Energy Efficiency
  • SEUs Analysis
  • EnPI Measurement

5. Data Security

6. Multi-platform integration

  • iNERGY energy management software displays and monitors everywhere on any device with an internet connection and supports web browser with a friendly interface, high aesthetics, easy to use.
  • Console & Display: HMI, Webserver, computer, Laptop, Mobile.
  • Remote monitoring via the Internet at no monthly and annual cost to rent domain names and hosts.
  • Rich 3D graphical interface, multilingual support, multi-frame design.
  • Send alerts via email, phone.