Digital transformation solutions

Amitech is going to provide leading digital transformation solutions, helping businesses to comprehensively, quickly and economically transform digitally.

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Manufacturing machine monitoring software

Manufacturing Machine Monitoring Software - AMWorking is a professional and intelligent production management software that helps businesses optimize their production processes.

Phần mềm quản lý và giám sát Năng lượng

INERGY Management System

INERGY Management System is a smart, professional and modern software system consulted and designed by Energy Management experts, supporting energy management in industrial enterprises.

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3. Inergy monitor

Real-time monitoring and alerting of production machines software

iNERGY Monitor is a software designed to specialize in energy usage monitoring, capable of connecting, reading and analyzing all energy consuming equipment systems in the factory. The system will provide real-time monitoring and alert anywhere.

4. AMI.S

Warehouse management software

Warehouse management software AMI.S is an smart warehouse management software that helps businesses optimize the warehouse management process.

5. iMaint

Maintenance management software

iMaint - Maintenance management software is designed to keep equipment, vehicles, assets, goods... of the business in optimal operating state and maximize benefits.

6. data energy

Database system of energy consumption report of Designated Energy User

The system helps businesses review and manage their energy reports as well as manage business information, products and energy-saving solutions.

Giải pháp Quản lý 5S

5s Power Grid Management Solution

5S Management System is designed to manage and standardize the system of equipment records, operate technical records, legal documents and ensure correct technical design. It helps managers promptly detect existing defects on the power grid, thereby build a program and plan for remediation.

8. Portal

Web Portal

This system provides information on business activities; sets up internal, domestic and international communication; builds image and corporation brand; expands partners and customers.

9. Corporation Culture Management

Corporation Culture Management System

The system is an online tool for Corporate culture management, thereby helping to check and supervise the building of corporate culture to all members in accordance with the orientation and core values of the Enterprise: "Quality - Trust", "Dedication - Intelligence", Cooperation - Sharing".